Preacher Lawson’s final ‘America’s Got Talent’ performance: Comedian recalls story about ‘naked

Preacher Lawson’s final ‘America’s Got Talent’ performance: Comedian recalls story about ‘naked dude’ [WATCH]

Comedian Preacher Lawson performed Tuesday night during the Finals episode of “America’s Got Talent” 2017. As one of the Top 10 “AGT” acts of Season 12, Lawson is hopi…


How Germany’s election got weird: from Merkel’s soup to nudism and beer

How Germany\’s election got weird: from Merkel\’s soup to nudism and beer

Boring? What\’s boring? The punters may have already placed firm bets on Chancellor Angela Merkel to win her fourth term on Sunday, but Germany\’s general election is still turning up surprises. Far-left Linke candidate Gregor Gysi has bemoaned the demise of nudism in Germany and is campaigning for its revival, he told Playboy magazine in …


Bystander alleges naked man brutally assaulted woman in Cy-Fair

Deputies: Naked man runs off after woman found beaten

Deputies said a naked man believed to have fatally bashed a woman\’s head against the ground ran from authorities before being subdued with a stun gun. According to preliminary information gathered by the fire department, a passerby reported seeing a naked man beating up a naked woman on the …


Tasmania’s Old Pelion Hut on the Overland Track celebrates 100 years

\’Two naked bodies left in a rush\’: Tales from a 100yo Tasmanian hut

The Old Pelion Hut on Tasmania’s Overland Track celebrates its centenary with memories of a naked couple. “All of a sudden, there were two naked bodies who left the hut in a rush.” Mr Robinson said the couple came back about two hours later. “They didn’t …